Survivor Support: What We Do

We offer both adult and young adult-oriented support services for those who have experienced a death by suicide and/or homicide. Our volunteers create a semi-structured, safe place in which survivors can identify, explore and clarify their thoughts and feelings.

By helping individuals define their situations and acknowledge their emotions, the support process leads survivors to a consideration of what normal grieving is under these circumstances, the meaning of a sudden violent death, and a sense of how they can manage.

We are also interested in supporting other community groups, both professional and non-professional, that wish to learn more about the unique problems faced by survivors of sudden, violent death. Our Community Outreach Program offers information, skills training, and consultation on request. We provide information packages and custom workshops. On-site facilitation is also available to agencies, residents and other groups in the immediate aftermath of a death by suicide/homicide.

The Suicide Resource Centre is available to students, caregivers, survivors and volunteers wanting more information about this special trauma.  A lending library is available in person for requesting and there are many articles and resources available for free on our website's Resource Library.