Survivor Support: Who We Are

The Survivor Support Program began in 1979 as the first service of its kind in Canada for those experiencing loss due to suicide and/or homicide. Trained and supervised lay counselors, survivors and staff have combined their skills and insights in an effort to create a safe, caring environment from which to explore the aftermath of suicide. The carefully selected responders are prepared to deal in a sensitive and realistic way with the emotional issues and problems left behind by suicide and/or homicide. They are aware of the full range of normal and complicated grief reactions that survivors may experience.

Lay counselors consist of survivors and non-survivors who receive extensive screening and training.  Those with the experience of suicide and/or homicide loss are now at a point where they can give support back to other survivors.  Those without the experience of suicide and/or homicide loss bring a rich and diverse background in a variety of social support environments.

We offer peer-based face-to-face grief support for individuals and families dealing with suicide and homicide bereavement, fully accessible to all. Both individualized and group supports are offered.

For more information or self-referral to the program contact Alex Shendelman at 416-595-1716 or by email