What to Expect from the Program

Any interested survivor should contact our program directly at 416-595-1716. An initial meeting will be arranged at the earliest possible convenience. Following this interview, there is usually a short waiting period (usually no longer than 4 weeks) before participants are introduced to a team of two grief facilitators, one of whom will be someone who has also experienced a death by suicide/homicide.  During this waiting period, bridging telephone support is provided.

The program begins with eight weekly personalized sessions, held at one of the several locations in Toronto.  Each of these one to two hour meetings focuses on a specific theme related to bereavement by suicide/homicide.  Ample time is also provided for participants to discuss their current situation.  

Once the individualized sessions are completed, survivors are invited to join a series of group meetings. These enable participants to have the opportunity to share and compare their own unique stories and reactions with those of other survivors.  These group meetings follow up and expand on the individualized session but in a group format.  For interested participants who have accessed support earlier in their grief process, there is a second set of group meetings that focus on the longer term bereavement issues.

Participation in the program is free.  People can contact the program at any time after their loss.  For more information or self-referral please contact Alex Shendelman at 416-595-1716 or by email at Alex@torontodistresscentre.com.