Samaritans' Dying From Inequality Report

Living in poverty shouldn’t mean losing your life. Going through difficult times, like losing your job or being in debt, shouldn’t mean not wanting to live. But that is what’s happening in the UK and Ireland today. Suicide is killing the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people, devastating families and communities. This report by Samaritans, in collaboration with leading academics, reveals why.

Reducing Rural Suicide

All's not well down on the farm. Or up in the mountains. Or in the farthest reaches of Alaska. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people in the nation's rural areas are at higher risk of suicide than their urban counterparts.

Suicide Clusters: A Review of Risk Factors and Mechanisms

Suicide clusters, although uncommon, cause great concern in the communities in which they occur. We searched the world literature on suicide clusters and describe the risk factors and proposed psychological mechanisms underlying the spatio-temporal clustering of suicides (point clusters). Potential risk factors include male gender, being an adolescent or young adult, drug or alcohol abuse, and past history of self-harm. However, the majority of studies lack methodological rigor.