Our Mission



We foster hope and resilience one connection at a time.


To ensure that every individual in need receives life-sustaining emotional support.


There’s a life on the line.

We will:

  • Provide crisis response and intervention to the emotionally vulnerable and at risk in our community.
  • Serve as a point of access for suicide prevention, intervention and postvention.
  • Provide volunteer-delivered services, wherever possible, in recognition of the added value they contribute.
  • Collaborate and network with other agencies to create a continuum of care and support.
  • Provide links to emergency services when necessary.
  • Mitigate the impact of a mental health crisis by helping those with a history of vulnerability and risk make life-affirming choices.
  • Increase service access by operating within a framework of cultural competency, including the promotion of diversity in all areas of service.
  • Enhance emotional self-management and reduce risk by strengthening the coping skills of survivors.
  • Advocate on behalf of service users by reporting on current needs, gaps in service and emerging trends.
  • Build community capacity in emotional health response.


Statement of Values

1.   Be User Driven

We believe in the value of our service users’ lives.

We believe self determination is possible and that it:

  • Is supported through user initiative and user direction
  • Builds on the strengths and capabilities of individuals and their communities
  • Can be supported through informed choice, wherever appropriate

We believe in being responsive by:

  • Facilitating access to help for all people in need
  • Providing referrals which offer options for higher levels of care
  • Creating and responding to indicators that measure the communities needs
  • Soliciting and responding to community input and feedback

2.    Make A Difference

We believe in:

  • Ensuring that our programming stems from our mission to create an emotional safety net for the vulnerable and at risk in our community
  • Evaluating the impact of our programs
  • Ensuring our services bring added value to service users, volunteers, staff and community
  • Advocating on behalf of our service users to enhance the quality of their lives

3.    Engage Community

We believe in:

  • Informing the community of the emotional health of the vulnerable and at risk in our community
  • Creating a 360 degree feedback loop to ensure our programming is relevant to our communities and service user needs
  • Monitoring community trends in order to identify gaps in service and emerging needs
  • Increasing the understanding of Distress Centres and all of its programs
  • Building on community strengths and assets
  • Developing collaborative partnerships for seamless program delivery and new initiatives

4.    Embrace Diversity

We are committed to a policy of non-discrimination.  Decisions are based on merit and business needs and not on the basis of race, creed, colour, national origin, political or religious affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family relationship or disability.

We recognize that cultural competency involves the complex interaction of biological, psychological, social and spiritual factors that can be influenced by societal attitudes and conditions.

We believe in:

  • Ensuring that our services are accessible and available to all members of our community when needed
  • Respecting our multicultural and diverse society
  • Accepting responsibility to support the dignity of all human life
  • Respecting community and culture-based knowledge
  • Promoting diversity in all areas of the organization to reflect the diversity of the community we serve
  • Adopting a variety of teaching, learning and communication programming styles to support diverse needs 

5.    Work with Integrity

We value the support entrusted to us by the community.

We believe in:

  • Defining clearly our roles and objectives in all programs and partnerships
  • Being accountable to all our stakeholders
  • Building an environment of transparency and mutual accountability in all partnerships
  • Being fiscally responsible
  • Constantly monitoring our services to ensure their value to the community

6.    Promote Excellence and Leadership

We believe in:

  • Working within a "best practices" framework
  • Promoting social entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Investing in the personal and professional development of our staff and volunteers
  • Contributing to and benefiting from current learning and teachings with respect to mental health and suicide
  • Being at the forefront of initiatives related to prevention, intervention and postvention

7.    Value Our Volunteers

We value the unique contribution of our volunteers and believe the community benefits from volunteer delivered programs.

We believe in:

  • Selecting and training volunteers who will provide a unique dimension to the delivery of services
  • Enriching the lives of our volunteers and their communities by their experience at Distress Centres
  • Valuing and honouring the contributions of our volunteers
  • Building human capacity and community resiliency through volunteer training
  • Engaging volunteers at all levels of the organization and valuing their input

8.    Respect Individual Worth

We believe in:

  • Being empathetic, respectful and non-judgmental
  • Promoting self-awareness and encouraging an atmosphere of personal growth
  • Nurturing a knowledge-based culture
  • Empowering individuals to make life-affirming choices