Caller Reassurance

The Caller Reassurance Program for Seniors pilot was developed from comprehensive research into caller data reports. From the tens of thousands of calls placed in 2007 to Distress Centres, nearly half were from regular callers, specifically from senior callers. The agency invited this cohort of callers to participate in a small-scale pilot of this new, dedicated service – the Caller Reassurance Program for Seniors.

Participants received regularly scheduled and personalized call-outs from our trained crisis responders. Since each regular call was tailored to meet the participant’s needs, we also provided a case-management approach and included discussions that ranged from medical appointment/medication reminders to developing a long-term coping plan. Findings from the pilot demonstrated that the service had been essential in helping senior callers continue to live independently in the community and in preventing the downward spiral that can lead to premature and/or unnecessary institutionalization or death by suicide.

Sixty seniors are now enrolled in this program. Due to the success of the pilot and high demand, this program is being expanded to specifically target those seniors experiencing significant emotional distress and/or chronic mental health problems. The mission of the program is to improve the emotional quality of life of vulnerable, aged citizens while empowering them to remain engaged in the community and continue to live independent lives.

For more information and to register please call Melissa Bosman 416-598-8018 or email .

Please note that due to the demand for service in this program there may be a waiting list. Please check in to know current availability.

Please click here for a copy of our Caller Reassurance brochure.