About the Program

Our trained lay responders provide case-managed support to enable senior participants to continue living independently in their homes.

We help our callers to improve their sense of emotional well-being. Participants constantly express a positive shift in their feelings from being socially and emotionally isolated to more socially and emotionally connected. They report that having a confidant enables their ability to freely and openly share their pain, fears and needs with a non-judgemental ear. They are able to talk through their most challenging issues and manage to resolve their immediate crisis with the support of our responders.

We help to improve our callers’ sense of social well-being, Service users receive regular check-ins from the call placers regarding emotional safety, as well as helpful medication and appointment reminders. Through strategic problem-solving, facilitated by trained lay workers, callers are empowered to develop ways to manage personal life challenges and navigate appropriate community resources to help address their immediate needs.

Please click here for a copy of our Caller Reassurance brochure.