Caller Reassurance Program: Success Stories

John* recently turned 65. He desperately wants to feel needed by his family, and he wishes they would call, but they never do. He is very much alone, on a limited income and suffers from depression. He doesn’t trust people, but still wants to know that someone cares that he’s alive. Since he has a limited income, it’s difficult for him to do the things he would like to do, so he often spends his days struggling to find ways to pass the time.

The calls from the Caller Reassurance Program reassure him that someone cares that he is alive. For a few minutes, he is able to have a conversation with someone and feel connected to the world outside of his small apartment. Often the calls he gets from Caller Reassurance Program are the only ones he gets all week. The care providers encourage him to eat, take his medication on time and do some things that bring him pleasure or comfort. They remind him that he is important enough to invest time in himself.



Pam* has been dealing with mental illness for a good part of her life. Recently, she developed arthritis and has become very isolated and depressed. Even on good days, Pam’s words can be hard to understand, and she complains that people often don’t think of her as a human being. She has thoughts of suicide and believes the world would be better off without her. She sees no point in life, believing that she is too old to care about.

Caller Reassurance callers have taken the time to listen to her and really make an effort to hear her words and thoughts. They do their best to make her feel like she’s worthwhile. For a few minutes each day, Pam is treated with dignity. The conversations she has helps her forget her pain for a little while, and she knows that the person on the other end of the call cares that she stays safe.



Clara* is in her sixties and suffers from severe depression, as well as anxiety about what she fears may happen in her future. When the Caller Reassurance Program phones her, she is often in the midst of an anxiety attack and feeling suicidal. She cries, “Nobody understands what I’m going through. I can’t talk to my kids. They get angry with me. My friends are dead or have moved away. I don’t know what I would do without the program. You have saved my life many times. Thank you for calling.”

*All names changed to protect callers' identities