Live Chat and Text is a safe, confidential, one-on-one conversation with a highly-trained empathic responder. Chat and Text services are for everyone, regardless of your age, issues or concerns.

If you're not comfortable using the phone, or would prefer to communicate with someone online or by text about your feelings, concerns or problems, please access our ONTX service.  The ONTX service allows you to take your time to process what you want to say, work through how you are feeling, and communicate with privacy in a way that is comfortable for you or where others cannot overhear you. 


Who are you speaking to?

Our responders are available to chat and text regarding all issues related to distress, crisis and suicidal thoughts, prevention and intervention.  We are here to help!  Please remember that high-quality support is a two-way street and there is a code of conduct that we and you will adhere to. You will see it in the terms and conditions section you can agree to before your chat starts.


Is it confidential?

Yes. Our service is confidential and the name you offer can be an alias.  You will notice that we are collecting some data regarding location, how you are feeling and whether we are offering you the help you need.  Why are we doing this?  To improve the quality of the service!  The information you provide is not specific and it helps us if you provide the information in both the pre and post surveys.


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