Survivor of Suicide or Homicide Loss Support

Anyone who has experienced the personal loss of someone to suicide/homicide will tell you that it is the most difficult personal crisis that they have ever faced and for which they need to find the inner resources to manage effectively.

There is no universal or appropriate way to cope with a loss by suicide/homicide. However, sharing feelings and thoughts, facts and fears, helps to provide a sense of reason and normalcy in a situation without any rules.

As a result of the unique nature of suicide and homicide bereavement, and the shared value of connection and peer support, our program offers both individualized and group meetings.

Here are some highlights of what our Survivor Support Program offers:

  • Individualized grief support for survivors – bereaved family and friends – of suicide or homicide loss in safe, one-to-one formats
  • A follow-up series of group support sessions
  • A Suicide Resource Centre
  • Consultation and support to community and caregivers in the aftermath of sudden, violent death

For more information or self-referral to the program contact Alex Shendelman at 416-595-1716 or by email .