What to Expect from the Program

All calls on the 408-Help Line (416-408-4357) will be placed into a queue system to be answered by the next available responder. When your call is answered, you will speak with a trained responder who can provide you with emotional support for your crisis or distress.

Distress Centres is committed to maintaining an emotionally safe environment for helpline callers as well as call responders. Our role is to assist callers to deescalate their emotional intensity and meet immediate emotional needs. Abusive behaviours that interfere with our ability to provide support will not be condoned. When necessary, we will work collaboratively and cooperatively with other community services in the provision of support for our callers whose emotional needs go beyond the scope of our helpline service.

Distress Centres is committed to responding to calls as soon as possible. The Ministry of Health has established “within fifteen (15) minutes” as a guideline for crisis call response. We are always working diligently to reduce wait times for callers. Sometimes, regretfully, the number of calls placed exceeds our capacity at the time to answer immediately or within a short time frame. As one of the few after-hours community resources, this does occasionally occur. We apologize for any delay that occurs. We will answer your call as soon as possible.


For immediate support, please call our 408-HELP line now.
If this is an emergency, please go to the nearest hospital or contact 911.

1-416-408-4357 (HELP)